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Phase 4 Cylinder Heads
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Exhaust System
Air Induction System
180 Degree Thermostat
Ignition System
Optional Intake Manifold
Rolling Thunderz Viper Performance
Rolling Thunderz specializes in developing exceptionally powerful, efficient and reliable Viper Street Performance engines and high technology Competition Race Engines with advanced performance capabilities.

Rolling Thunderz Viper Performance Enhancement Systems deliver extraordinary performance increases for Viper GTS & RT/10 enthusiasts who require more than 450 horsepower to satisfy their need for speed.

Our Viper SRT 10 Systems offer tremendous power and spectacular performance for owners of the latest generation Vipers, who think that 500 horsepower is not nearly enough.

Rolling Thunderz offers 4 Phases of Performance Enhancements that are designed to work together as a completely reliable system to optimize engine efficiency and deliver spectacular V10 Viper performance.

The Rolling Thunderz Performance Enhancement Systems & Kits can be ordered as hardware only and shipped directly to the customer or completely assembled and professionally installed by Rolling Thunderz.

For Technical Assistance and Purchasing Information regarding Viper Performance Enhancement Systems,
Viper Kits and Viper Cylinder Heads, please call 905 532-9996 or e-mail ned@rollingthunderz.com.
The Phase 4 System is equipped with superior cylinder head modifications and sophisticated Viper camshaft technology to deliver an additional 150 plus horsepower over the factory rating for the Dodge Viper.
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Specializing in the development of the right combination of high performance Viper engine components is why
we succeed in providing superior Viper vehicle performance.
High Technology Cylinder Head Modifications Improve Engine Efficiency. Click an image to View Full Size
Rolling Thunderz provides the ultimate Viper cylinder head system by converting production cylinder head castings to our Phase 4 Super Competition Series Big Valve Viper heads.

The evolution of our big valve head comes from the fundamental understanding that maximum power is determined by the total volume of air flow through an engine and that the total air flow through the engine is ultimately determined by the valve diameters. Essentially, larger diameter intake valves can produce more power.

The Super Competition cylinder head system was developed to maximize the power potential of production Viper cylinder heads and to provide a more economical performance option over the very expensive Viper GTS-R race heads equipped with larger 2.10" intake valves.

The Rolling Thunderz Super Competition Series Big Valve Viper Head comes with a custom made 2.05 inch intake valve which we originally produced for our 542 cid Viper stroker motor applications. The Big Valve Viper Head is also well suited for any serious performance application where additional high rpm power is desired.

Rolling Thunderz super competition series Viper cylinder heads, custom camshaft and high ratio shaft mounted rocker arm assembly systems can produce incredible power and performance.

The Phase 4 cylinder heads consist of super competition porting modifications with custom made stainless steel 2.05” Viper intake valves. This system is intended for serious street & strip competition applications where premium performance is required from OEM production cylinder head castings.

The Performance Phase 4 is recommended for 600 to 700+ horsepower engine applications and preferably suited for nitrous oxide injected and supercharged engines that require more intake airflow. This super competition series head is also well suited for naturally aspirated stock displacement engines with high rpm horsepower requirements and for big cubic inch Viper stroker engines.

This shaft mounted rocker arm assembly provides additional valve
lift and more efficient valve motion to produce more power.
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Viper Shaft Mounted Rocker Arm Systems
The shaft mounted rocker arm assembly is equipped with higher ratio rocker arms that provide more effective and efficient valve lift.

The increased intake valve lift helps to flow more air into the cylinder and the increased exhaust valve lift helps to flow more exhaust out from the cylinder.

The shaft mounted rocker arms also promote better and more efficient valve motion by creating more precise valve-train geometry. The needle bearing equipped rockers also help to reduce friction and provide improved efficiency.

This increased valve lift and more efficient valve-train motion produces more power and improves engine performance.

Rolling Thunderz provides custom camshaft profiles that are
designed for efficient performance increases.
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Rolling Thunderz Viper Camshaft
Rolling Thunderz custom camshafts are specifically designed for the intended application. Since different camshaft profiles are required for street performance, nitrous oxide injection, centrifugal superchargers, turbochargers and big stroker motor applications, Rolling Thunderz provides custom camshaft profiles that are designed for efficient performance increases.

Timing Chain
An adjustable timing chain is available for proper camshaft installation.

High technology headers improve engine efficiency and increase power. Click an image to View Full Size
Viper Headers
The production exhaust manifolds on a Viper are considered to be a performance restriction, particularly for a large displacement V10 engine that requires more exhaust flow capability.

The installation of exhaust tube headers can provide a significant increase in exhaust air flow and improve engine efficiency. The key ingredient for superior performance in a Viper Header is the shape of the collector, where five exhaust tubes merge into the collector pipe. A race header style 5 into 1 merge collector, with a gradual transition, significantly improves exhaust flow by allowing the exhaust gas to maintain velocity. Sustaining a high exhaust velocity is the key to allowing the exhaust system to create efficiency and thereby produce more power.

Since the Viper engine has 5 cylinders that discharge exhaust from each side of the engine, there is even greater potential to benefit from more advanced header technologically, such as the super-tuned long tube Tri-Y headers produced by Belanger. The benefits of the Tri-Y headers are that it provides a better transition of exhaust flow from the primary header tubes to the dual exhaust system, by directing the exhaust flow into 3 merge collectors, known as the Tri-Y. The gradual and efficient exhaust flow provided by the 3 merge collectors of the Tri-Y header maintains high exhaust velocity and produces superior performance for the V10 Viper engine.

The Belanger Tri-Y headers have proven to deliver 50+ horsepower gains with the installation of a complete Belanger Viper exhaust system.

The Belanger Viper headers are technologically advanced and proven to deliver great performance. The super-tuned long tube, Tri-Y headers are mandrel bent with 1 3/4 inch primary tubes and 3 inch collectors. High temperature ceramic metallic coated inside and out and nickel chrome finished.

These headers are also OBD2 Compliant, which means that the headers are also designed to function properly with the Viper‘s computer so that the check-engine light does not activate after the headers are installed.

Viper High Performance Exhaust
The production exhaust system for a Viper is also considered to be restrictive for a large displacement V10 engine. The installation of a high-flow exhaust system with larger diameter exhaust pipes and low restriction mufflers will improve the Viper engine’s breathing capabilities and significantly increase power and performance. High flow Catalytic converters also help to flow more exhaust and produce more power.

Generation 1 / 1992-1996 RT/10
Generation 2 / 1997-2002 RT/10 & GTS
Generation 3 / 2003-2005 SRT 10

High Flow air filtration and induction system components
improve air flow efficiency and increase power.
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Induction system airflow improvements will help to increase power and improve performance. Air filter systems that use low restriction high flow air filter elements provide more air flow. The K&N high performance air filters # 33-2085 (2 required) improves air flow to produce more power.

Plastic, rubber or polymer materials retain less heat and flow a greater volume of cool air. The K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit # 57-1508 for 1995 to 1998 Viper RT/10 & GTS models is reported to produce 13 hp at 5300 rpm.

Smooth bore inlet tubes increase air flow with less turbulence to provide more horsepower. The Mopar (P5007362) black smooth bore hoses fit all RT/10 & GTS models.

Air intake systems with better aerodynamic shape promote more flow and increase power. The Vararam VR-1V Viper Air Induction system is a multiple venturi design that is more than 100% efficient and capable of flowing over 2000 cfm.

This air intake system seals to the inlet side of the hood scoop to provide a ram air system that is reported to increase manifold air pressure by 3/4 of pound which can produce 15-17 horsepower at 70 mph. Vararam guarantees a performance improvement of either 3 tenths of a second or a gain of 3 mph in a ¼ mile drag test when compared to the stock production Viper air intake system.

Generation 1 / 1992-1996 RT/10
Generation 2 / 1997-2002 RT/10 & GTS
Generation 3 / 2003-2005 SRT 10

The 180° thermostat helps engine to run cooler and produce more power by reducing
air intake temperature. Fits all 1992-2002 Viper engines.
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Viper High Performance Thermostat
The use of a thermostat with a 180 degree opening rate helps to reduce engine operating temperatures. This reduction of engine operating temperature helps to flow cooler air into the motor and since cooler air is denser, more oxygen is available for the combustion process. Reducing air intake temperature by 10 degrees can produce a 1% increase in engine power.

Generation 1 / 1992-1996 RT/10
Generation 2 / 1997-2002 RT/10 & GTS

High performance 8.5 mm spark plug wires and new Champion Spark Plugs
for efficient spark energy.
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The ignition system should provide a high level of spark energy to provide an efficient combustion process that effectively burns the air & fuel mixture in all 10 cylinders.

High quality spark plug wires and new spark plugs, that are designed for the Viper engine, can
deliver better combustion efficiency and provide smoother idle, extended mileage and increased performance.

High performance 8.5 mm sparkplug wires are made with high temperature material for increased durability.

These suppression type spark plug wires are also compatible with the engine computer to ensure proper ignition system operation.

New Champion spark plugs are original equipment for the Dodge Viper and designed to work in the V10 Viper engine.

Phase 4 cylinder heads receive superior porting & polishing modifications.
New valve springs and light weight titanium retainers.
    T&D Shaft mounted rocker arms
    T&D Shaft mounted 1.7 ratio rocker arms
    Phase 4 Custom High Tech Camshaft
    High technology Viper exhaust system
    Air intake system
    K&N Air intake system
    High performance 180 degree thermostat
    High performance Viper spark plug wires
    New original equipment spark plugs
Viper Kits Heads
Viper Kit Rocker
Viper Kit Rocker
Click an image for more details
Rolling Thunderz also provides a Phase 4 Viper Performance Enhancement Kit that includes our Phase 4 Viper cylinder heads, T&D shaft mounted rocker arms and Phase 4 custom Viper camshaft.

The Phase 4 kit delivers extra power and superior acceleration from high tech custom cylinder head modifications that are specifically designed for naturally aspirated, nitrous oxide injected, supercharged or turbo charged applications.

This kit provides modifications that are specifically designed with different port configurations and chamber modifications for various viper engine combinations.

Applications: All 1992-2005 Viper RT/10, GTS & SRT Models

PE Cylinder Heads
Click an image for more details
The Phase 4 Cylinder Heads provide the ultimate Viper cylinder head modifications with superior custom made 2.05 inch diameter intake valves.
  • Custom designed stainless steel 2.05 inch intake and 1.60 exhaust valves are installed.
  • A super competition valve job is accurately machined to custom specifications.
  • Viper heads receive superior custom porting and polishing modifications.
  • The combustion chambers are ported and polished to custom specifications.
  • The heads are resurfaced to required specifications.
  • High performance valve springs are installed and the valve train is accurately assembled.
Porting modifications for Viper intake manifold increases air flow and produces more power. Click an image to View Full Size
Intake Manifold Modifications
The production intake manifold can reduce intake airflow from 5% to 20%, depending on the efficiency of the manifold. Since it is the total flow of air with the intake manifold installed that determines maximum power output, modifications for improving intake manifold airflow contribute to increasing efficiency and producing more power.

Porting and performing extrude honing modifications for Viper GTS & RT/10 intake manifolds contributes to increasing airflow and improving power. The long runner design of the 1992 to 2002 Viper RT/10 & GTS intake manifolds make it difficult to port and polish, requiring an extrude hone process to remove the rough cast surfaces that restrict airflow.

Extrude hone is an Abrasive Flow Machining process that is applied to intake manifolds in order to remove rough cast surfaces that restrict airflow efficiency. AFM smoothes and uniformly polishes air and fluid passages to improve flow velocity through the component. The polishing process is performed parallel to the air and fuel flow which results in a surface finish that is patterned in the same direction as flow.

Viper SRT-10 intake manifold porting modifications are performed to work effectively with the cylinder head to increase total intake air flow and produce more power.

Comprehensive flow bench analysis is performed with the intake manifold attached to the Viper cylinder head.
Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3 | Phase 4

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